Identity & Metaphors Raphael Preston

Identity & Metaphors

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Artist Statement

In 2003 I began working on the Mannequin brief. This became a reportage on a parallel "race" that populates our urban landscapes, an anthropological study of a community's clothing, ideals, body politics and identity, through the "totemisation" embodied by the mannequins.

From the "no expense spared" window display and frozen theatre of high society shops, to the humble and often damaged mannequins of the inner city budget clothing store, I felt that all where icons of their locality, representing their hopes and ideals.


Raphaël Preston has, to date, worked primarily in music. After completing studies in classical guitar at the Scholla Canturum in Paris, he moved to London (Oct 1975) and became involved with the emerging technology of electronic music and synthesisers. During this time he worked with the artist Vangelis on projects including Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner. Raphaël then set up a studio to record his own, mainly meditative, compositions. It was his subsequent involvement in writing soundtracks for TV advertising which rekindled an early interest in visuals and photography in particular.

High Quality Archive Print

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive C-Type Matt Paper on a Chromira printer, the latest generation in digital c-type printers, which uses papers that are light sensitive, containing silver crystals overlapped and suspended in emulsion that are exposed, developed and fixed to produce a continuous tone true photographic image.

Printed in London at the printspace which is a state of the art print studio with pro-lab printers using hand-picked archival art papers. The studio is used by professional photographers all around the world and ranked as one of the best in its industry.