Hans Knut Henrik Holmberg

Dancing Turtoise

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Artist Statement

Exploring the world through the lens I think of my images as small fragments of life. In our desires of being loved, seduced or admired I examine various field of the human being in hopes of making visible greatness of life itself. This image is inspired by the book "Momo" written by Michael Ende which is a story about the concept of time and how it is used by humans in modern societies.


Henrik Holmberg was born in Stockholm and attended in his 40s the Berghs Nordic Shool of Photography together with a dense series of art classes. Since then running his own studio in custom and specialized photography. Conversant with different types of photography including business concepts, content agencies, newspapers, magazines, commercials and fashion photography.

High Quality Archive Print

Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive C-Type Matt Paper on a Chromira printer, the latest generation in digital c-type printers, which uses papers that are light sensitive, containing silver crystals overlapped and suspended in emulsion that are exposed, developed and fixed to produce a continuous tone true photographic image. 

Printed in London at the printspace which is a state of the art print studio with pro-lab printers using hand-picked archival art papers. The studio is used by professional photographers all around the world and ranked as one of the best in its industry.

Limited Editions

The limited images have a Certificate of Authenticity that includes the artist name, title, edition number, size, print medium, production date, certificate number and a printed artist signature.